Friday, July 28, 2017

Keep Your Personal Watercraft Running Like New!

Personal watercrafts (PWC) are a fun way to spend time out on the Lake with your friends and family. While we love to spend time out on the boat cruising the Lake and relaxing in the coves, PWCs are a whole different type of excitement. Compared to a boat, PWCs can be quickly launched out without much time getting ready and can easily be hauled from one point to another. However, they still need to be properly taken care of so you can enjoy long days out on the Lake on your PWC.

1. Consult The Owners Manual

The best way to know how to properly take care of your personal watercraft is by consulting the Owner's Manual. There you will find all the information regarding the specific make and model of the PWC you have, as well as the specific things you need and exact procedures to follow.

2. Maintain Proper Fluid Levels

Just like with a car, it's important to maintain proper fuel and oil levels. Depending on what type of PWC you have, you may have to use a premixed oil and fuel.

3. Check For Loose Or Damaged Parts

Before you start your PWC and hit the water, you'll want to do a good once over. Check all the wires including throttle cables and trim. In addition, check for any loose or damaged parts, and always replace them if you notice any damage or extensive wear.

4. Keep It Clean

After a long day of playing out on the Lake, it's a good idea to wipe down your PWC to preview corrosion or staining. Don't forget to also clean the windshield and seats. Although the Lake of the Ozarks is fresh water and not salt water, if you don't properly wash down your boat after a day out in the water, it will eventually damage your boat.

5. Use A PWC Lift

PWCs are not intended to be stored in the water for long periods of time. If you plan on storing your PWC in a slip, it's best to use a lift.In addition to preventing damage, it also helps with cleaning and it makes walking around the watercraft safer. They also make boarding and exiting the watercraft easier and safer for riders of all ages.

6. Remember To Winterize

Although we don't want to think about it right now because there is still plenty of time left out on the water, when the summer season does end, it's important to properly winterize your watercraft. This can help protect it over the winter season and can help make sure it's running properly for next year!

Hopefully, by taking these preventative steps, you can enjoy more time out on the water and acid being stranded out on the Lake. At Surdyke Yamaha, we offer three service locations at the Lake of the Ozarks to serve you. Our factory-trained technicians and outstanding service staff are here to help keep you and your boat, bike, PWC or off-road vehicle where you belong - OUT HAVING FUN! From scheduled maintenance to custom upgrades to service and winterization on your dock, we have the factory approved parts, tools and diagnostic equipment to keep your unit running perfectly. Visit to learn more about our service departments and to schedule your appointment.

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