Friday, July 14, 2017

7 Etiquette Tips for When You're Docking

During the summer, you will probably spend a lot of time at the docks. Whether you're enjoying one of the many waterfront restaurants, fueling up or storing your boat, you can't avoid the docks when you're at the Lake. Because you're spending a lot of time at the docks during your day out on the water, you want to make sure it's a good experience. Here are a few pointers to help you be a good dock slip neighbor.

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1. Watch your wake. When entering or leaving a dock, make sure to keep your speed down. Not only can big wakes in small, crowded places be dangerous, it's a good way to anger those around you. Be sure to respect the wake rule to make sure everyone else around you is safe.

2. Help each other out. While many gas docks, restaurants and marinas around the Lake have employees nearby to help you out, be prepared to help your fellow boaters. During the summer, it can get a bit busy, so help keep things moving smoothly for everyone and be prepared to help each other out.

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3. Keep it moving. Whether you're at a fuel dock or boating ramp, be efficient. Delegate tasks to your passengers and be prepared so you can get out of the way of others and quickly get back out onto the water.

4. Be respectful to your fellow boaters. Be courteous to others out on the water and near the docks. It's the busy time of the year, and we want to make sure everyone has a good time.

5. Shut it down. If you're getting off your boat to enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the many waterfront restaurants, make sure you shut down your gear. Turn off your lights, your radio, CD player, television or other similar items.

6. Back into the dock for larger boats. While it may take a little more time to back into the slip, it's much easier to get on and off your boat, and it provides a clear walking path along the docks. This is especially important for boats with large bows.

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7. Keep it clean. Coil your dock lines, organize your cords, stow any water sports gear and life jackets, and put away your supplies. If you leave these things out, it could be a tripping hazard, especially in the evening. In addition, don't stow any gear on the dock, as it could get in the way to those trying to move carts, coolers and other supplies down the dock.

There is one word you need to know for when you're at the docks: consideration. Consider what you're doing from your fellow boaters perspective., and that will help you make the right decision. For all your boating needs, visit our boat showroom in Osage Beach or online 24/7 at We have everything you need for a fun day out on the Lake of the Ozarks!

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