Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The History Of Thanksgiving & Black Friday at Surdyke

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, many people are in the kitchen getting their feast ready for tomorrow. However, do you know why we are celebrating Thanksgiving? You may know about how the Pilgrims were celebrating their first successful and invited the Indians to join in the festivities, but there is a lot more to how Thanksgiving became what it is today. The best ATV dealer at the Lake of the Ozarks shares some little-known facts about the history of Thanksgiving. 

Did You Know?

It may have been a while since your last history lesson on Thanksgiving, so here is a brief video from The History Channel explaining how Thanksgiving began with a few fun facts you may not have known.

Fun Facts About The History Of Thanksgiving

- Turkey was not on the menu during the first Thanksgiving instead, they ate deer, duck, goose and shellfish. 

- Thanksgiving did not become an annual event until nearly 200 years after the "first Thanksgiving."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt briefly moved Thanksgiving to the third Thursday in November during the depression to allow retailers to make more money during the holiday shopping season. It was not liked by the American public and in 1941, the president reluctantly signed a bill moving it back to the fourth Thursday in November.

- Pumpkins and other squash were served during the feast, however, there were no pumpkin pies, as the colonist did not have any ovens and the Mayflower's sugar supply had dwindled by the fall of 1621.

- In 1817, New York became the first of several states to officially adopt the annual Thanksgiving holiday. However, each state celebrated it on a different day. 

- Sarah Josepha Hale, most famous for the creation of Mary Had A Little Lamb, launched a campaign to establish Thanksgiving as a national holiday. It lasted for 36 years and she published numerous editorial and sent letters to governors, senators, presidents and other politicians. 

- In 1863, during the height of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday. 

Black Friday at Surdyke Yamaha

At Surdyke Yamaha, we like to take this time of the year to Thank our loyal customers and new friends that we have made this year. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. To make this season a little bit better and to make holiday shopping easier, our Black Friday event is being expanded to the whole week of Thanksgiving! That way you can sleep off that turkey coma instead of waiting in line early Friday morning. You can find great deals on things like ATVs, generators, motocross gear, motorcycles, jet skis, tubes, wakeboards and more! Come on over to the best Yamaha dealer at the lake of the Ozarks to see what all we have in store for our Black Friday sale. 

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Surdyke's Spotlight: 2016 YXZ1000R SE

At Surdyke Yamaha, you ride on our reputation. It isn't just our slogan, but the foundation we hold strong to. Whether on the water, the road or the dirt, if it has wheels or floats we sell it and ride it! If you are looking for a quality ATV at the Lake of the Ozarks that has speed, performance and ruggedness, the all new 2016 YXZ1000R SE may be what you have been waiting for. 

Built For Fun

The all-new YXZ1000R SE doesn’t just reset the bar for sport side-by-sides, it is proof that Yamaha is the leader in power sports performance. Featuring a new 998cc inline triple engine mated to a 5-speed sequential shift gearbox with On-Command® 4WD, massive FOX Racing Shox® suspension front and rear, and styling the competition can’t touch, the new YXZ1000R SE is in a class by itself—the only true pure sport SxS ever developed.

Jutting defiantly through the front hood and defining the rear of the vehicle, the YXZ1000R SE's huge piggyback FOX® 2.5 Podium RC2 Shocks® bring visual impact with unmatched performance. All four corners are fully adjustable—spring preload, rebound and both high- and low-speed compression damping—with a huge 16.2 inches of front travel and 17.0 inches at the rear, with integrated Bottom-Out technology as well as front and rear sway bars. Result: The ultimate in ride quality, tuneability and handling. Whether you’re riding in dunes or dirt, the YXZ1000R SE suspension will handle the toughest terrain.

Built Tough

Prepare yourself for the industry’s first 998cc inline-three cylinder sport side-by-side engine. Featuring a compact DOHC twelve-valve cylinder head, an aggressive 11.3:1 compression ratio and high-tech dry-sump lubrication, the YXZ1000R SE engine offers jaw-dropping power, fantastic midrange torque and a thrilling 10,500 rpm redline. With lightweight 80mm forged aluminum pistons and a counterbalancer, the motor is exceptionally smooth-running, too. Built for the pure sport SxS enthusiast, there’s nothing else like it.

The YXZ1000R SE establishes a direct connection with the driver via an all-new sequential 5-speed manual transmission with reverse that permits rapid and smooth shifting, ideally matched to the potent three-cylinder engine. A beefy hydraulically-actuated clutch system is operated by an automotive-style foot pedal for light, consistent feel and an entirely new sports SxS experience. Yamaha’s proven On-Command 4WD system with full Diff Lock is ready to tackle challenging terrain, and the entire driveline is built to provide unmatched durability.

Built For Performance

The YXZ1000R SE cab features plush cut-and-sew high-back seats with extra lateral support and outside shoulder bolsters, and the cockpit is built to provide a balanced combination of secure confidence with comfort. The floorboards are shaped to provide generous legroom while still giving a planted feel during aggressive driving, too. The driver’s seat is adjustable across 3.5 inches, and the steering wheel is tilt adjustable 5.8 inches to ensure a perfect fit.

From Water to Land

At Surdyke Yamaha, we specialize in fun! The boating season is slowly winding down, so now it is time to focus on having fun on the road and the dirt. Whether you are looking for speed on the best dirt bike track at the Lake of the Ozarks or something to get you to the best hunting spot, come to Surdyke Yamaha. The best ATV and KTM dealer at the Lake of the Ozarks can find the perfect vehicle to meet your needs. Stop by our Osage Beach location or visit our website to see what we have in stock today!

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Friday, November 11, 2016

5 Dirt Bike Riding Tips

Racing a KTM dirt bike is exciting, thrilling and nerve-wracking. However, it also requires a lot of practice and patience. the thrill of racing is only half the game. Whether you are just learning the ropes, or you're a seasoned pro who's brushing up on the basic, here are a few things to remember as you learn to operate your new Lake of the Ozarks dirt bike

1.Throttle & Clutch Control

Figuring out the throttle is all about timing. How far to roll it and when to let up takes some time. When you throw in the clutch, things can get a bit confusing, especially if dirt bike riding is new to you. There is only one thing that you can do to get the hang of things, and that is practice, practice and practice some more. Don't blaze out the gate the first time you cruise through a lap. Take things slow and test them out at different speeds. Each lap you take, stretch out your comfort level and practice your technique. The biggest mistake you can make is thinking you've got everything figured out when you don't. This could result in a lot of unnecessary crashes and, for some, time off the bike. 

2. Balance

Balancing is one thing that you will have to learn while riding a dirt bike. It is very similar to riding a bicycle, however, a dirt bike is a lot heavier. It is common to feel a little uneasy while riding the first couple of times, as the sheer weight of the bike can be hard to get used too. Some beginners tend to sit rather than stand because it's easier, but for many, standing is the better route if you want to get the balancing act down. Just remember, you will need to hand over some control to the dirt bike, which you can't do when sitting. 

3. Body Positioning 

Balance does come into play when it comes to where to position your body. However, where to position yourself during corners, jumps and hitting berms is crucial to prevent losing control and reducing fatigue. A wrong position could mean hitting the dirt. You've may notice some riders and bikes are nearly parallel with the ground on sharp 

4. Vision

You may feel the need to look down while riding, however, it is important not to do that. The act of looking down while dirt bike riding is called object fixation. You may see an object in front of you, such as a root, boulder or rut, and then you fixate on that object to keep from hitting it, however, most of the times, you will ride right into it and crash. The best way to avoid obstacles is to look ahead all the time so you know what is coming. Ruts tend to get the best of beginners. Just remember to look beyond them and allow yourself and the bike to fall naturally into a flow with the rut. 

5. Memory

Dirt bike riding isn't all about strength or speed. There is also a mental game in play while racing. It helps to be a quick thinker when facing unknown obstacles during a ride. Remember the layout of a track can also help you beat the competition, especially someone who thinks speed is all that matters. A good memory could be the key from separating a good rider from a great rider. 

Best Dirt Bikes at the Lake of the Ozarks

Surdyke Yamaha is proud to serve the Lake area with all the equipment necessary to create the adventures of your dreams. Whether your dreams are on the Lake or on a Lake of the Ozarks dirt track, we can help! Visit our showroom today, and our expert team can help introduce you to some of the best dirt bikes at the Lake of the Ozarks. At Surdyke Yamaha, you ride on our reputation. 

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Get Ready For Hunting with Surdyke Yamaha!

The fall hunting season in Missouri is just around the corner. Many hunters will be getting their gear ready for hunting excursion at the Lake of the Ozarks. However, do you have one of the best hunting tools? An ATV can make your hunting trip even better, as it can carry all of your equipment and game, which can make your hunting trip and season easier than ever. Check out two models you can purchase from the best ATV dealer at the Lake of the Ozarks.

2016 Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec EPS

The all-new Wolverine R-Spec EPS features an aggressive, compact look and is designed to be the most capable off-road recreation side-by-side. Here are just a few of the top features of this tough ATV:

- The Wolverine R-Spec EPS offers the perfect blend of suspension, handling, drivetrain and chassis working together to give you the ability to traverse rough terrain with confidence and best-in-class comfort.

- Wolverine R-Spec EPS features a class-leading 4-wheel independent suspension with KYB ultra-long-stroke nitrogen gas charged piggyback shocks that provide a very high-quality damping feel, excellent bottoming resistance, and best-in-class adjustments to fit a wide range of riding styles, loads, and terrain.

- Comfort is maximized for both the driver and passenger with an automotive-style cab and driving position featuring all-new soft, supportive and secure high-back bucket seats, 3-point seat belts, an adjustable passenger handhold and dedicated floorboards that provide a comfortable and secure driving experience.

- The Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec EPS is powered by Yamaha’s newest and most advanced 700-class engine ever with dual overhead cams and fuel injection. The 708cc engine's power character is optimized for smooth, linear, power delivery on the roughest, most technical terrain and open trails.

- Wolverine R-Spec EPS features On-Command, the industry’s most capable four-wheel drive system. With a simple twist of the dial riders chooses 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel limited slip, or 4-wheel full differential lock, enabling the Wolverine R-Spec to claw its way through just about anything.

- When the trail gets technical, speed-sensitive electric power steering increases comfort, especially at low speeds and in 4-wheel diff-lock.

2017 Yamaha Viking EPS - Realtree Xtra

The class-leading off-road capability and durability now come with a quieter, smoother cabin in the ultra-tough Viking EPS along with these other top features:

- Torquey 700-Class Engine: The Viking EPS is ready to conquer whatever comes its way with a powerful 686cc, liquid-cooled, fuel injected, SOHC power plant. This engine produces strong low-end acceleration and pulls hard through the rpm range to deliver excellent power for getting the job done or when hitting the trails.

- High Volume Intake: The Viking EPS features a large-capacity air intake system that improves overall engine performance. The air cleaner box is easily accessible from inside the cabin for improved serviceability.

- Responsive and Reliable Ultramatic Transmission: Ultramatic® transmission with dual-range (Hi/Lo) drive and reverse is the most advanced drive system available. An automatic centrifugal clutch maintains constant belt tension for reduced belt wear and the system features a sprag clutch for all-wheel downhill engine braking in 4WD mode and reverse.

- On-Command® 4WD: Industry-exclusive three-position On-Command® 4WD system lets you quickly dial between 2WD, limited-slip 4WD and fully locked differential 4WD.

- Comfortable Three Seat Cabin: This true 3-passenger machine achieves driver and passenger comfort with a handheld, padded head rests, and 3-point seat belts for all riders. Extensive noise and vibration reduction measures provide a smooth and quiet ride. The superior seating position, adjustable driver’s seat, and an offset middle seat all provide unmatched comfort that riders will appreciate. Yamaha’s proven electric power steering technology further reduces fatigue and strain on the driver, too.

- Extensive Cargo Capacity: The chassis design includes a convenient pass-through floor for greater ease of onboard movement, making it possible to enter and exit the vehicle from either side. The rear cargo bed is made of steel and is designed for a hefty load capacity of 600 pounds.

Get Ready For Hunting Season With Surdyke Yamaha!

Surdyke Yamaha is the best place to purchase an ATV at the Lake of the Ozarks. These are just two of the many different models of ATV we carry. To view more of our ATV selection at the Lake of the Ozarks, visit our website or stop by our Osage Beach location. Hunting at the Lake of the Ozarks is exciting and Surdyke Yamaha wants to get you and your family out there in the best possible way. When you purchase a brand new Yamaha Viking or Wolverine ATV, you will receive a Daisy Red Rider BB gun, a Remington 788 Deer Rifle and an 870 Express 12 gauge. These three guns along with real world tough Yamaha 4-wheel drive will last your family a lifetime and build some great outdoor memories.

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