Friday, November 11, 2016

5 Dirt Bike Riding Tips

Racing a KTM dirt bike is exciting, thrilling and nerve-wracking. However, it also requires a lot of practice and patience. the thrill of racing is only half the game. Whether you are just learning the ropes, or you're a seasoned pro who's brushing up on the basic, here are a few things to remember as you learn to operate your new Lake of the Ozarks dirt bike

1.Throttle & Clutch Control

Figuring out the throttle is all about timing. How far to roll it and when to let up takes some time. When you throw in the clutch, things can get a bit confusing, especially if dirt bike riding is new to you. There is only one thing that you can do to get the hang of things, and that is practice, practice and practice some more. Don't blaze out the gate the first time you cruise through a lap. Take things slow and test them out at different speeds. Each lap you take, stretch out your comfort level and practice your technique. The biggest mistake you can make is thinking you've got everything figured out when you don't. This could result in a lot of unnecessary crashes and, for some, time off the bike. 

2. Balance

Balancing is one thing that you will have to learn while riding a dirt bike. It is very similar to riding a bicycle, however, a dirt bike is a lot heavier. It is common to feel a little uneasy while riding the first couple of times, as the sheer weight of the bike can be hard to get used too. Some beginners tend to sit rather than stand because it's easier, but for many, standing is the better route if you want to get the balancing act down. Just remember, you will need to hand over some control to the dirt bike, which you can't do when sitting. 

3. Body Positioning 

Balance does come into play when it comes to where to position your body. However, where to position yourself during corners, jumps and hitting berms is crucial to prevent losing control and reducing fatigue. A wrong position could mean hitting the dirt. You've may notice some riders and bikes are nearly parallel with the ground on sharp 

4. Vision

You may feel the need to look down while riding, however, it is important not to do that. The act of looking down while dirt bike riding is called object fixation. You may see an object in front of you, such as a root, boulder or rut, and then you fixate on that object to keep from hitting it, however, most of the times, you will ride right into it and crash. The best way to avoid obstacles is to look ahead all the time so you know what is coming. Ruts tend to get the best of beginners. Just remember to look beyond them and allow yourself and the bike to fall naturally into a flow with the rut. 

5. Memory

Dirt bike riding isn't all about strength or speed. There is also a mental game in play while racing. It helps to be a quick thinker when facing unknown obstacles during a ride. Remember the layout of a track can also help you beat the competition, especially someone who thinks speed is all that matters. A good memory could be the key from separating a good rider from a great rider. 

Best Dirt Bikes at the Lake of the Ozarks

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