Friday, May 13, 2016

What Types Of Fish Can You Find in the Lake of the Ozarks?

One of the highlights of being at the Lake is the fishing. People come from all over the country with their favorite fishing boats and try to catch the fish of a lifetime in our Lake. Have you ever wondered what types of fish can actually be found out our Lake? Well, today we're going to focus on not just what you ride ABOVE the Lake, but what you have been looking for UNDER the Lake!

Largemouth Bass

One of the best ways to recognize that you have a largemouth bass on the line is by their large mouth! It  generally extends at least to, or beyond the rear edge of the eyes. This species resembles the smallmouth bass, and it's part of the fish group known as the "black basses." The first and second dorsal fins are almost separated by an obvious deep dip, and there are no scales on the soft-rayed second dorsal fin. You can use insects, minnows, soft plastics, spoons, jigs, plugs or spinner baits  to reel in this catch.

White Crappie

This panfish is deep-bodied and laterally compressed. The upper jaw is long, reaching past the middle of the eye, and two sections of the dorsal fin are broadly connected without a notch between. The anal fin is almost as long as the dorsal fin and has six spikes. You'll find using flies, jigs insects or minnows can give you the best results when catching crappie.

Blue Catfish

Did you know that this is the largest catfish in the family Ictaluridae, and can grow up to 120 lbs? This is also one of only three catfish in the USA that has a distinctly forked tail. You can tell a blue catfish from a channel catfish because they have a longer anal fin. Bread or dough balls, jigs, cut bait, or minnows are a great selection when you are trying to catch this fish.

Channel Catfish

This fish is highly regarded for its food and sports value. It can often be recognized at a glance because it has a deeply forked tail and spots on its body. This fish also has two chambers in their swim bladder, unlike the blue catfish which has three. You'll use the same types of bait as with the blue catfish. Bread or dough balls, cut bait, jigs, or minnows.

White Bass

The white bass is a shorter version of their larger relative - the striped bass. It has a shorter stockier body, and they have a smaller head. You can tell the difference between this fish and the white perch by the perch's lack of prominent stripes on its sides. There are many different lures you can use, from flies to minnows, spinner baits, jigs, plugs, and spoons.


Have you ever seen a paddlefish? Some say they are found here at the Lake while others don't list it, we would love to see photos of one that you've caught! These are very recognizable by their large paddle-like snout. Snag hooks are a great option for catching these fish.


This bluegill has a greatly compressed, round body, and resembles the sunfish. From dark blue to yellow there are many colors that you'll find on this fish. They have a small mouth and head that are typical of sunfish species, and the pectoral fins are pointed. Flies, jigs, insects, and minnows are great selections for catching this fish.

Fishing at the Lake of the Ozarks

While we're quite certain there are other random fishes that you'll find in the Lake, these are some good ones. Of course, if you're going to go fishing, you need to have the best fishing boat at the Lake of the Ozarks! At Surdyke Yamaha, we love to support you and your outdoor hobbies! From fishing to wake boarding, and motorcycle riding to dirt bike racing. Come out to our showroom and view the excellent Lake of the Ozarks fishing boats that we have in stock, one could have your name on it!

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