Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Surdyke Yamaha's Innovative Advantage!

We want you to feel confident that when you visit Surdyke Yamaha, you are getting the best possible Yamaha service, products, and accessories that the Lake of the Ozarks has to offer.

In order to meet (and exceed!) your expectations, we focus on three specific areas: engineering, performance, and design.



Yamaha engineers have spent the last 25 years developing the industry's leading internal propulsion system. This system, coupled with the fact that our boats weigh less than the competition, promises that our watercraft deliver the best fuel-efficiency and reliability at the Lake. Plus, Yamaha employs state-of-the-art robotics in the manufacturing of all our decks and hulls, ensuring that each boat is built to the exact same measurements.


If you're looking for optimum speed and performance, you need look no further than Surdyke Yamaha! Our performance boats boast our unique 1.8L SHO engines. These engines are built from the ground up to ensure the maximum reliability, fuel efficiency, and durability, all the while delivering the highest levels of performance.


Boats are notoriously difficult to maneuver at lower speeds, but Yamaha's superior design makes the process much easier! We now offer a thrust directional enhancer that directs water flow at the ideal angle for easy handling as you turn right or left at low speeds. Not only that, but our minimized draft allows you to explore areas that may be off-limits to other boats.

All this exciting info inspiring you to finally treat yourself to that new Lake of the Ozarks sport boat you've been eyeing? Stop by today to see our exciting inventory!

Surdyke Yamaha offers Yamaha Sport boats, bow riders, wakeboard boats and accessories. We also offer New G3 Pontoon boats, come and see the nicest pontoons on the water. Also available is a full line of Yamaha ATV's, Street Bikes, Scooters, and of course Yamaha's Prestigious Watercraft Lineup.

Our on-the-water showroom offers a wide variety of Yamaha marine Accessories as well as a full service department, sales department, and storage. We also offer a complete lineup of Demonstrators for Watercraft and for Sport Boats, and the pontoons. See you on the water!

Stop on in and get YOUR new toy!

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