Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Free Wake Surf Lessons At Port 20!

Wake surfing is a popular sport enjoyed by those who live near the water, especially here at the Lake of the Ozarks! Have you ever dreamed of catching those big wakes for yourself? At Surdyke Yamaha, we love to help people get out on the Lake and learn new tricks, hobbies and more! Here is your chance to have fun and learn a new skill for FREE.

What Is Wake Surfing?

The best thing about wake surfing is that you don't have to go travel to a coast to catch the waves - you just create your own! Wake surfing is very similar to wakeboarding, however, with wake surfing you are not strapped onto the board. Because wake surfing can be easy or challenging, novices and seasoned water-sport athletes are all enjoying this great sport. There are already World Wakesurfing Championships and many other professional-level competitions for this sport.

To wake surf, you'll be trailing behind a motorboat on a short surfboard. The wake surf boats are generally only five feet long. The beauty of the sport is that you'll be surfing in the wake of the boat, and you don't have to count on the water to create a surf for you. The boat will be freighted with extra weight to increase the amount of wake, which can make the sport more challenging.

Learn To Wake Surf For FREE

On Saturday, May 20 from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Surdyke's Port 20 will host a FREE Wake Surf class! All you need to do is register for a timeslot (boats are leaving every 2 hours) and arrive at Port 20 ready to have some fun! Lessons will be provided free of charge by "Bo Knows Surf" Lessons and Rides. Make sure you sign up for a spot before arriving, visit our website, or click on the link below:

Wake/Surf Boats at Surdyke Yamaha

The Hottest boat in Wakesurfing! A rigorously innovated 23-foot 7-inch water sports boat, the new 2016 Ri237 is the next level in World Championship Towboat performance, design and craftsmanship. This new model is optimized from the running surface up to exceed Centurion’s dominant water sports performance. The Ri237 furthers this storied performance with a newly designed Deep-v Hull pushed by GM Gen 5 direct injection power from PCM with C-Force. 

The Centurion Enzo FS44 is the boat of choice for professional wake surfing athletes like Keenan Flegel. The largest in accommodations and waves in the Centurion line, the 2016 FS44 offers room for 16 along with waves that can extend overhead in a bottom turn. The FS44 is designed and built as a World Wake Surfing Champion’s towboat creating longest, hardest, most powerful waves available. The Centurion Enzo FS44 is a World Championship Towboat, relentlessly innovated.

New features include the Maximus Tower, Centurion Downfire audio system with LEDs, flip-up stadium seating and so much more! The now standard RAMFILL ballast system provides you with the largest capacity tanks with the quickest filling system possible. No gimmicky surf-system, this is pure displacement and the SV233 is one of the most versatile wake boats with clean, professional wakes coupled with a World Wake Surfing Championship wave on both sides of the boat.

We can't wait to see you this Saturday, May 20 for our FREE wake surfing class! We've been selling and riding boats here at the Lake of the Ozarks for more than 40 years. We're proud to be selling the best boats around and even more excited to share a part of why we love boating so much. When you buy a new Lake of the Ozarks boat with us, you truly do ride on our reputation!

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