Monday, February 20, 2017

ATV Riding Safety Tips

Hoping on your ATV at the Lake of the Ozarks is fun, but it's important to remember it can be dangerous. If you are new to ATV riding, knowing the basic safety tips can help you stay on all four wheels. However, even if you are a veteran rider, it's always good to brush up on the basics. The team at Surdyke Yamaha has put together a list off safety tips to keep you riding all season long.

Wear Appropriate Gear

Always wear your safety gear. Helmets, goggles, boots gloves are all a must whenever you hop on for a ride. There are no seatbelts on an ATV and flipping it over is a lot easier than you might imagine. Be prepared for the unexpected and wear the appropriate gear.

Pre-Ride Inspection

Every time you go for a ride, make sure you give your ATV a once over. Check tires for wear and rims for damage. Look over your controls and make sure connections and cables are intact. Check the chain for worn links and sprockets for broken teeth and ensure there is enough lubrication.

Don't Ride Alone

It's never a good idea to do any sport or activity where accidents can (and do) happen alone. Always take a buddy (or two) out with you whenever you go for a ride. Running out of gas, getting lost or crashing is never fun, but it's even worse if you're along. Plus, it's more fun to ride with friends. Grab your best buds and make a day of it!

Take A Break

ATV riding is a great way to exercise, as it demands physical and mental strength. Over time, those bumps, jumps and tight corners can wear you out. If you feel fatigue setting in, stop riding and take a breather. Even if you aren't tired, if you've been riding all day, take a break, rehydrate and fuel up with some lunch.

Don't Drink & Ride

This one may be obvious. It's not safe in a car and it's not safe on an ATV. Alcohol and drugs impair your judgment and your ability to ride safely. Don't put yourself or others in dangers because of your risky behavior.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Know your surroundings, and when riding with friends (which you should do) know where they are. Just like driving a car, you want to look ahead so you know what's coming. While the bumps may be fun, hitting one unexpectedly can send you off your ride.

Play It Safe

Unless your ATV is equipped for two people, it's best to stick to one person at a time. Don't ride beyond your ability and use your common sense. Doing something on your ATV that you're not supposed to do is how riders get hurt. Make sure you make it home in one piece.

Remember, the team at Surdyke Yamaha is here for all your ATV questions. If you need help picking out the right ride or the right gear, the best ATV dealer at the Lake of the Ozarks can help. We have everything you need for a fun and exciting season riding with you and your friends.

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