Thursday, October 20, 2016

5 Tips For Motorcycle Riding In The Fall

Autumn is in full swing and days of summer motorcycle rides that go long into the night are all wrapped up. Although you may not be able to enjoy cool summer night rides, that doesn't mean you have to put your motorcycle away! With beautiful autumn scenery and nice cool days, Autumn can be one of the best times to ride at the Lake of the Ozarks. Your Missouri Yamaha dealer offers five tips for riding in the fall. 

1. Watch For Leaves

Although the autumn leaves are beautiful to look at, they can become hazardous to riders once they starting falling to the ground. Dry leaves can pile up on the road and cover potholes or other inconsistencies, so it is important to keep your eye on the road or keep on familiar routes. Wet leaves can cause pavements to become slick, which could cause your bike to slide on the road. Try to avoid slipping and sliding by driving slowly until you're past the obstacle. 

2. Be Aware Of Deer

Deer become very active in the fall and collisions with them occur more during this season. Hunters can push deer into other areas where they normally wouldn't stay. Make sure you are wearing your protective gear before going out and always be scanning the side of the road especially if you are cruising any rural areas. Stay extra alert during dawn and dusk, as these are the times of days when there are lots of deer out and about. 

3. Frosty Surfaces

After a crisp autumn night, morning frost can occur. It is important to be aware of the road conditions while driving, especially during the early mornings. Shaded areas will frost up first, so be aware of your surrounds while cruising. You will not want to lose any traction because of frost on the road. 

4. Wear Your Leather

Temperatures in the autumn can be much more enjoyable than the heat waves of the summer season. However, it is important to be dressed appropriately. Autumn is the perfect time to break our your leather. Leather can protect you from the harsh wind and will keep you comfortably warm while riding. In addition to keeping you warm, leather is extremely resistant to abrasions and can protect riders from scrapes and cuts.

5. Cooler Nights, Warm Afternoons

Autumn in Missouri is very unpredictable. During the mornings and nights, the weather can be chilly, while in the afternoons it can be pretty warm. It is a good idea to bring extra layers with you on rides. Once the sun goes down, the temperature can significantly drop, and you don't want to be underdressed. It is also a good idea to bring rain gear, as frigid rain could cause hypothermia if you are not dressed appropriately. 

Ride Safe With Surdyke Yamaha

At the Lake of the Ozarks, autumn can be a great time to go cruising, as the summer traffic has died down and the changing leaves create a beautiful backdrop to any ride. However, autumn brings a different dynamic to motorcycle rides. It is important to be aware of your surrounding and it is important to be dressed appropriately. If you need to stock up on your autumn gear or if you are wanting a new bike, visit Surdyke Yamaha in Osage Beach. We have a great selection of Yamaha and KTM bikes at the Lake of the Ozarks. Our expert staff can help you select the perfect bike for your lifestyle. 

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