Thursday, December 24, 2015

Fun Christmas Traditions From Around the World

There are many different ways that people celebrate this fun holiday. While some traditions stay the same, like food, family and St. Nick, there are many aspects that are unique to different parts of the world. From waiting until January and celebrating a "good witch" who brings gifts, to some areas who don't even know about Christmas. Check out these interesting Christmas facts to help get you in the Christmas spirit.


Christmas is not widely celebrated in China. A few of the larger cities may celebrate the holiday with trees, lights and decorations, but the majority of rural areas don't know about it. Ironically, most Christmas decor is made in China, but they may not even know what they're making!


Merry Christmas in French is "Joyeux Noël". They use nativity cribs to decorate their homes throughout December, and nativity figures are sold at the fairs around town. Yule logs, made out of cherry wood are burned in their homes throughout the night in case Mary and Jesus happened to come through. The large Christmas meal is eaten late Christmas Eve or early Christmas morning after Mass, and could consist of roasted turkey with chestnuts, roast goose, oysters, foie gras, lobster, venison, and cheese.


A large part of German celebrations at Christmas is the Advent calendar. They can be made of many different materials, from paper to fir wreaths. Christmas trees are also a big part of their celebration, and in many cases are decorating secretly by the mother. While we normally think that the glass pickle tradition is from Germany, many Germans haven't heard of it. Between Christmas and New Years, the famous ski jumping "Four Hills Tournament" happens in Germany and Austria.


Family's spend this holiday together eating and enjoying each other. Christmas Eve is generally it is a day of fasting, ended by a light meal in the evening. Though the biggest celebration happens on January 6th, for Epiphany with La Befana, a kind old witch. The tale says that she followed the wise men around looking for the baby Jesus and then got lost, so she checks every home looking for him and leaving gifts along the way.

Merry Christmas From Surdyke Yamaha

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