Monday, May 18, 2015

National Boating Safety Week 2015

This is it, folks! National Safe Boating Week 2015 is officially underway. Join the crew at our Lake of the Ozarks boat dealership as we spread the word and work to make the Lake Area a safe boating location for people of all ages.

Potential Boating Hazards

Boating is locally, nationally, and globally acclaimed as a wonderful recreational activity for friends and family of all ages. The team members at Surdyke Yamaha & Marina are obviously huge believers in boating as a fun and exciting pastime, but we want to remind everyone to beware of the potential dangers that come from irresponsible boating.

When the season for boating at the Lake of the Ozarks is in full swing, hundreds (or even thousands) of boats may be out on the Lake at any one time. With so many vessels at play, it's important to be constantly alert to the potential dangers that can arise. Here is a quick list of things to watch out for:
  • Boat Drivers Who Have Been Drinking
    • Just like driving a car, driving a boat requires constant attention and alertness to your surroundings. Boaters should always have a designated captain for their vessel. It is crucial that you report any incidents of drunk boating to the Missouri State Water Patrol immediately.
  • Underage Boat Drivers
    • Boaters must be fourteen years old before they are legally allowed to operate a motorboat or a PWC on the Lake of the Ozarks, and sixteen years old before they are allowed to operate a motorboat or PWC without onboard supervision from a parent or guardian.
  • Crowded Waters
    • If you've ever been on the Lake of the Ozarks during the peak summer season, you can attest to the fact that the Lake gets incredibly busy. If you join the hundreds of weekenders who plan to get out on the water, it is critical that you remain constantly aware of your surroundings and the other vessels surrounding your boat.
  • Adverse Weather Conditions
    • You obviously have no control over the weather, but you can control whether or not you choose to go boating in adverse weather conditions. Before embarking, take a quick look at the forecast. If the weather is supposed to take a turn for the worse, plan on getting off the water before the storm hits. Heavy rain can drastically reduce visibility, and being on the water during a lightning storm can pose serious dangers.
  • Darkness
    • Boating in the daylight is a blast, but boating in the dark is very dangerous. Docks and other boats are required to be lit when it is dark outside, but it very hard to distinguish where the water ends and the land begins on the undeveloped sections of shoreline. We strongly recommend that you make plans to be safely off of the water before nightfall.
Be sure to check out our previous blog post for more boating safety tips.

You Can Help!

By remaining alert to these potential boating hazards, you can help to make the Lake of the Ozarks a safer place for both residents and tourists alike. Please pass this article along so we can work to make this National Safe Boating Week a success!

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